Social Media Marketing

In the United States alone, the average user spends 2.7 hours each day on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.

According to, the total number of active social media accounts in 2015 topped 2.078 billion representing a 12% increase over 2014 totals. Social media use is slated to continue its growth as more individuals seek to connect with friends, family and companies in a quick, effective way. With social media activity steadily increasing, there is no question that businesses should be utilizing a social media strategy (SMM) to enhance marketing efforts across all available channels.

Video-Marketing-IconWe take the worry out of your social marketing efforts by taking the time to recognize your current social sphere, your desired target audience, your anticipated campaign reach and your desired outcomes – all to help you create social marketing that works for your business and your customers.


Why Social?

  • Broadcast Your Brand
  • Create a Loyal Following
  • Boost Your Search Rankings
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Engage Your Community


Let’s Get Started!


Broadcast Your Message

Because so many Internet users log in to social media sites daily, a company like yours has an opportunity to reach a vast audience in a way that cannot easily be done through alternative marketing strategies. Users engaged on social media sites are having discussions on every imaginable topic and your business should be included in that mix. Being active on social media is the number one way to engage your community online.


How Can We Help?

As a social media marketing company, our team at Right to Rank knows that a social media strategy is not something you simply take off the shelf and plug in to your business. Each company has a unique need for social marketing based on its social sphere and target audience. This means that while LinkedIn and Facebook may be perfectly suited to achieve marketing goals for one business, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest may be better suited for another.


Targeted Marketing

Our team at Right to Rank understands the unique personalities of each social media site and we work to understand how your company meshes with those specific traits. We know which aspects of social media marketing are most appropriate for your type of business, and we develop and implement a plan based on your distinct social sphere to help you reach your marketing objectives.


Successful Social Marketing Strategies

Whether your company needs assistance creating a social presence online or you are in need of social media reputation management, Right to Rank delivers.

Our team has a passion for social marketing and we understand the intricacies that must be acknowledged and managed within an SMM strategy. Social media marketing services through Right to Rank follow a proven process to ensure success for your company and your brand.

If you are considering joining the billions of social media users online, contact us at Right to Rank to see how we can help.