According to Search Engine Journal, 93% of all online experiences begin with a search.

Before the boom of e-commerce and Internet-based companies, Search Engine Optimization or SEO was a nonexistent term in the business community. In today’s business environment however, the phrase along with its intended purpose has taken a strong hold on the entire digital marketing community.

Search Engine Optimization is a necessary arrow in a company’s marketing quiver. Put simply, an effective SEO strategy utilizes a complex methodology and powerful techniques to allow business websites to rank on the first page of a search engine result. Each company doing business online has a need for SEO, but there is not a single strategy that provides the same results for every company.

Right to Rank offers SEO services and effective strategies for businesses ready to compete on the digital landscape.

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Why SEO?

Nearly 75% of all web traffic to a company’s site originates from search engines like Bing and Google.
Your potential customers are using these mediums to find businesses to fill whatever need they have in that moment every single day.
If your company is not ranking as a top search engine result, your business is not going to generate as much natural lead flow to your website as higher-ranking companies.

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Organic Search Traffic

You can think of search engine optimization as the cost effective foundation for all your marketing initiatives. The importance of an effective SEO strategy is grounded in organic lead generation, but there are numerous ways new customers can be prompted to visit your website and ultimately buy from your company. Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Marketing campaigns can help increase traffic to your website as well, but organic search optimization provides a funnel of potential business at a lower out-of-pocket cost.


How Does SEO Work?

SEO services help your business achieve increased lead generation by implementing industry-specific ranking principles. First and foremost, the quality of your company’s website must be top notch and contain keyword targeted content specific to your business. Additionally, link building, also referred to as back linking, provides a degree of validity to your site that is used in marriage with other search tactics. When search engine algorithms are able to quickly assess how relevant, trustworthy and popular your website is in comparison to other similar businesses, your company has a greater chance to rank highly in search engine results.


Your SEO Experts

Effective SEO strategy is complicated due to the ever-changing algorithms used by search engines such as Google. Some SEO agencies develop optimization plans for companies based on outdated methodologies, leaving businesses with less than ideal results for their SEO efforts. Additionally, certain information provided in a company’s website can negatively impact search engine results which allows other businesses to rank higher and ultimately receive a greater share of customer interest.

Proven SEO Strategies

Companies wishing to improve their ranking status on search engines must have the knowledge and wherewithal to construct an SEO plan based on a myriad of elements. Businesses must also understand that SEO strategies take time, but when developed and implemented correctly, can have a lasting impact on lead generation and sales.

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