From search engine optimization to developing and sharing engaging content socially, Right to Rank helps your brand stand out. Effective personalized marketing with a clear and compelling message.

Our focus is on helping businesses navigate the online universe through tactical digital marketing that leads to a return on investment that is measurable and repeatable.

You can think of us as your holistic digital branding and marketing connoisseurs.

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Meet the Team


Bryan McNutt

Partner & Strategic Director

A self-proclaimed data nerd with a knack for directing a user’s journey through a website to maximize on-site conversions and increase sales.

By discarding the blanket approach to SEO, Bryan works directly with each client to fully understand their business needs and capabilities. With over five years of experience in digital marketing, Bryan has worked with a myriad of companies, and brings with him a plethora of industry knowledge and proven digital strategies.

Bryan’s expertise lies in SEO, SEM/PPC, social media marketing, conversion optimization, content marketing and e-mail marketing. As well as managing strategic initiatives within Right to Rank, Bryan manages strategic operations for Med Spa Marketing Group, a team focused on developing marketing strategies for the medical spa industry.

Bryan Haskin Business Photo Grayed

Bryan Haskin

Partner & Website Developer

Bryan is one of the two partners, and the lead developer. He delivers a combination of vast technological expertise with a high degree of business acumen.

With over 10 years building websites, tools, e commerce platforms, etc, Bryan brings experience building solutions for businesses of all sizes. Known for his common sense approach, and his “right tool for the right job” mentality, Bryan will help steer you to the right website solution that helps you achieve your current goals while also acknowledging the need to scale and grow operations long term.

Normally you can find him behind no less than 5 screens all being used to accomplish the task at hand.

Malahat Jamei

Malahat Jamei

Project Manager

Malahat strongly believes that leadership is about relationships. She works to cultivate a positive team culture avoiding the top down approach and striving to help her team accomplish their goals.

As an ex-architect with a background in construction management, she has ample business development, resource allocation & project management experience. Recently she switched her attention to the digital marketing field to take advantage of the scaleable opportunities provided in the industry and bring her wealth of project management knowledge to a remote working team.

She takes pride in successfully applying her expertise in order to help her team and clients achieve their goals.

Keyvan Kasaei black and white photo

Keyvan Kasaei

Web Designer & Developer

Keyvan’s claim to fame, is based on an impressive background in design related creative fields with a focus on software design and development.

With more than seven years in the internet marketing and web design universe, Keyvan embraces the challenge of creating unique user experiences while effectively reducing costs in operation and technology needs. As our resident Tesla enthusiast, Keyvan takes great pride in transforming brands from run of the mill to phenomenal.

Working on a minimum of four cups of coffee per day, Keyvan is by far our most caffeinated team member.


Megan McNutt

Digital Brand Manager

Megan has a unique way of engaging with her audience and understands the value of each social media channel.

As the Digital Brand Manager, Megan oversees all aspects of social media marketing, brand communication and online reputation management. With over five years of experience honing her expertise she effectively communicates with her community by understanding their personalities, needs and interests. She continues to innovate in her field by developing strategies that provide clients a powerful social presence; connecting their vision of their brand with her effective, market-tested social media strategies.

Megan’s expertise includes online reputation management, social strategy, and social media marketing & advertising.


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