Our Process

Digital marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing but costs 62% less according to a study released by Chief Marketing Officer Council.

At Right to Rank, we understand how the integration of digital marketing strategies leads to success for your business in both direct and indirect ways. We want to assist our clients in creating an online presence that they can be proud of, and we strive to do just that by utilizing developed, thoughtful processes with each and every client.


Strategic Website Development

Before we begin creating and implementing your digital marketing campaign, we first have to establish your website. Your site build-out is based on the framework of your company, the brand you want to portray and the story you want to tell. We ask you questions about your needs (and listen to your answers), and we gain an intimate understanding of your marketing objectives.

Right to Rank conducts broad market analysis to recognize what it will take to create the most effective site and brand message for your company. We also take an in-depth look at your rivals through competitor analysis which allows us to determine what they do well and where they fall short. Each of these aspects help us establish the groundwork for a high ranking site and gives us good footing for our initial digital push!

Create Relevance

It is necessary to first understand your customer’s needs. With a proper understanding of how your products or services are relevant to your customer we can create the messaging that speaks to their interests.

Right to Rank constructs proven marketing initiatives, and we deliver content that is optimized for your customer’s needs and your company’s needs. Customers need to know why they should choose your business over another – we take pride in delivering content and websites that bring credibility to your business.

By answering your potential customer’s Google search with relevant on-site information to help them make a more informed decision, you are building a relevant digital presence.


Broadcast Message

A marketing campaign is only effective when it is approached in a strategic, results-driven way. Our process is focused on social targeting which is based on a true understanding of your customers, their needs, and ultimately how your company fulfills those needs. We develop a social marketing plan to broadcast your message through the channels your customers use the most. For most businesses, this requires a strong, active social media presence and an ongoing reach analysis – an area in which we thrive.

Broadcasting a message in terms of SEO takes backlink partnerships, a researched content strategy, and industry and community involvement by the business. To successfully broadcast your message your site must rank, and by building trust online we begin to increase that oh so powerful domain authority and page rank.

Get Leads!

The culmination of our strategic process is realized in generating leads for your business and ultimately proving the ROI of our marketing campaign.

Through powerful SEO strategies, including backlink building and local SEO, we ensure potential customers who are interested in doing business with you are able to find you quickly and easily. Once on the website, our proven conversion optimization techniques will guide a potential customer to the information, service, or product they are seeking.

Through organic lead generation Right to Rank helps pave the way for long-term ROI and higher margins through reduced advertising and marketing costs.